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HYALUMED® Anti-Aging Biorevitalizing Treatment
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HYALUMED® is a complete skin biorevitalization and biostimulation treatment, developed in order to convey highly biorevitalizing substances in the deepest part of the derma, such as hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans which stimulate elastin and collagen production, which go slower and slower while time goes by.

The exclusive methodology by Keratrade Medica vehiculates these nanotechnology substances with calibrated ultrasounds. These substances are immediately available and effectivness, as ultrasounds activate some processes which help body to stimulates them completely, as they are transdermally vehiculated.
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Substantial elimination skin ageing effects:
after one application the relaxing effect on face, neck and décolle is immediatly manifest;
the “botox-simil effect” works during the following 24 hours;
the biostimulating active principles action lasts according to skin’s need.
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To maintain for a long time all the wonderful results:
apply morning and/or evening K-DERMA Anti-age Intensive Lift-Up cream on face, neck and decollete;
use ORALDERM ( skin anti-oxidant food supplement) for 3 moths at least.
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6 - 10 ml. nanoemulsion mono-dose bag
1 - 30 ml. phial with a 1,5 ml. graduated measuring syringe (4,5 – 5 ml. each application)
6 - measures
6 - mixing pallet
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