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ORALDERM Integratore Bellezza
ORALDERM Beauty Supplement (ORALDERM Integratore Bellezza)
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ORALDERM, dietary skins supplement, is the easiest, daily treatment to take care of your health and skin’s beauty. It's a dietary supplement composed by substances known to be able to counteract free radicals.

Thanks to its anti-oxidizing characteristics, ORALDERM helps both body and skin’s health. Vitamins and minerals act to provide body wellness and health.
In particular, ORALDERM dietary supplement excels at counteracting the harmful action of free radicals. Its main components are derived from plants, which derive their anti-oxidizing skills from the synthesis of chlorophyl.

ORALDERM dietary supplement works efficiently, which can be seen by analyzing each specific component.
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MILK THISTLE: helps protect the liver.
HORSETAIL EXTRACT: has outstanding remineralizing characteristics.
VITAMIN E (tocopherol): is a strong protective factor against peroxidizing phenomena that harm cell and subcellular membranes.
VITAMIN A: helps regenerate skin tissue and protect collagen against the attack of the collagenasis enzyme, which is extremely active during old age, causing various kind of skin alterations.
PARAMINOBENZOIC ACID: stimulates intestinal flora. It is important in regard to maintaining health and pigmentation of skin and hair.
SELENIUM: increases the immune defences and production of antibodies. It protects against ultraviolet rays, decreasing risks of mercury, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic absorption.
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ZINC: promotes the mobilization of Vitamin A from the liver and takes part in the synthesis of collagen.
CO-ENZYME Q10: is a cell regenerator. It increases the energy production of cells, which decreases with aging. Moreover, it is a liposoluble anti-oxidizing agent for our skin against peroxides which might harm collagen and elastin.
GLUTATHIONE: is an immune cell regenerator as well as the most efficient detoxifying agent for the human body. It helps the liver to detoxify and prevents damage caused by high alcohol consumption.
ALPHA-LIPOIC: acid is a strong anti-oxidizing agent which balances the degenerative processes of free radicals. It regulates glucose and insulin, therefore either preventing or minimizing specific illnesses such as diabetes, cataract, stroke.
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