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SOFT Detergent (SOFT Detergente)
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TRIKOS SOFT HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO is based on acylglutamate and is totally laurylsulphate free, natural and non toxic.

> Characteristics Laurylsulphate Free> Results> Package

TRIKOS SOFT allows frequent washes and reduces the damaging consequences due to the most aggressive surfactants. Contains moisturising agents, it is natural and non toxic. Its ocular irritative index is one of the lowest. This detergent is particularly suitable for body and hair hygiene.

Diagrammi dei tensioattivi e del pH
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> Characteristics > Laurylsulphate FreeResults> Package

Many comparative tests have proved that:
the skin's pH is not altered even after a few washes, it stays around pH 5,5;
also after a few washes skin is still moisturised with a high N.M.F. factor;
the wash is said to be “intelligent” as it removes the sebum bad fats and leaves those that are useful to the skin;
the low ocular irritability makes it a right product for children as well;
because of its low cellular toxicity it is very good for mucosas and thanks to its acidifying property it is also excellent for personal hygiene;
it is anti-comedogenic (it avoids "black spots" development);
thanks to its immediate and high biodegradability and to its low foaming power is considered ecologicand it has not been tested on animals.

> Characteristics > Laurylsulphate Free> ResultsPackage

SOFT HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO TRIKOS is available in two different packaging:
500 ml with dispenser, for all the family
200 ml travel size and for people who does sport
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