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Face and body Treatments:
i.LIGHT-MED PhotoBioStimulation Method

It's well known that light has good effects on people body and mood. The most common examples are the suntan (sun light, Solarium, UV rays) or for kids in summer time against the rachitis problems (sun light , vitamin D production, bony calcium fixing).

Those and other examples lead to only one deduction: light is life for our organism.

Since the thirties, scientific bibliography tells the effectiveness of some brightness waves for body and skin problems ( in aesthetic field wrinkles , orange peel, cellulite, atone and sensitive skin). Is universally acknowledged, settled and fixed that exists a photo-bio-stimulation range called “therapeutic window”: a small bright spectrum part can well influence the tissues cell metabolism.

Those are bright waves – lights – that transfer energy to the body, which uses them to better its metabolic functions.

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The “Photo-biostimulation window” (Therapeutic window)

Besides the seven rainbow colors, there are many bright waves that human eye can't see : the Ultra-violet waves (UV) and Infrared waves (IR) Bright waves “interesting” for our body are in Infrared field ( IR, under red). In physics each color, light or bright waves has a numeric/length code, that identifies its nature, for example:

* green = 525 nm (nanometer= 1 millionth of millimeter)
* violet = 480 nm
* red = 760 nm

All waves up to 760 nm (red) are called Infrared waves.
The “Photo-bio-stimulation window” is included between 820 nm and 980 nm.

Photo Therapeutics Window

i.LIGHT-MED completely "covers" the “therapeutic window” , and for this reason results can be seen immediately: with “Face tone program” , for example in 5-7 minutes you can see the effectiveness, with “Body draining legs program” in 15-20 minutes you can feel legs more light and less swollen.

The light received by tissues is transformed and used as bio-chemic energy for vital functions. In this way we obtain:
Detoxing action (legs draining, cellulites, skin aging and so on);
Draining action or excess liquid elimination (edematous cellulites, swollen legs);
Muscles and tissues toning action for blood circulation restoring (buttocks tone, face tone) and at the same time tissues liquid draining.

Those information and its medical applications are grouped in LLLT o LEDT respectively Low Level Laser Therapy e LED Therapy.

Try the i.LIGHT-MED effectiveness for Face and Body treatments!

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